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J.NUNN - Shadow of Nunn The Remixes

"Following its debut EP release on October 2023, this 2-tracks collection is a rework of J.NUNN's iconic songs "Build a Home" and "Paradox" ..."

Cover Shadow of Nunn the Remixes.png

J.NUNN's Debut EP "Shadow of Nunn 

"Produced between 2022 and 2023, "Shadow of Nunn" unveils the rich universe of J.NUNN and offers a luminously ecstatic gateway to discover the foundations of the project..."

Shadow of Nunn_jnunn.jpg

J.NUNN's live session


J.NUNN's new single 

"Hidden Guide est le tout premier single du projet prometteur J.NUNN. Il marie feu et glace d'une manière très séduisante..." (BAC)

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